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앱 설명

Pine helps you find a quiet moment in your busy life. Pine guides you through deep breathing exercises. I made Pine because I asked myself, how often do I take a minute to appreciate life and find peace in the day? Not very often. So I made Pine. Pine is there for you to take quick, minute breaks to sit back, relax, and collect your thoughts throughout the day. After completing each breathing exercise, Pine share with you with a quote about meditation, stress, and self-care to inspire you to keep doing great work.

Pine features six breathing exercises, each with a specific purpose to help you with your busy day:

- Relax: A great way to decompress when you feel your anxiety building up.
- Simple: Helps you take a minute, collect your thoughts and be peaceful.
- Energize: A great substitute for an afternoon coffee, this exercise gives you a surprising amount of energy in just one minute.
- Box Breathing: Used by professionals around the world including the U.S. Navy SEALs and professional athletes. Box Breathing helps improve your concentration and regulate the autonomic nervous system.
- Take a Moment: Take a minute to appreciate the day and relax with Take a Moment. You just remain still and close your eyes for a minute.
- Sleep: Wind down after a long day and get restored for tomorrow with this breathing exercise.

Pine tracks your past breathing exercises and displays them in Your Profile.

Additional Features:
- Reminders to take a minute to relax every day​
- Peaceful Music while you practice breathing
- iCloud Syncing across all of your devices

Thank you for considering Pine, I hope it helps you improve your metal health and take a minute to appreciate the day,

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