Pink Rhino - Read-Aloud Book

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앱 설명

• 100% Kid-Friendly story book app (No ads, No in-app purchases)
• Interactive Read-Aloud picture storybook for children
• Great for preschool & kindergarten classroom

"Pink Rhino" is a beautifully told story of one rhino’s adventures and quest to return home to her family. Helped by her new friends, the pink rhinoceros learns about friendship and family. This fully illustrated children’s read-aloud book is good for both new readers and old alike. "Pink Rhino" is also filled with interesting facts about the rhino population and what we can do to help save them. It is fully interactive for use with both the Macbooks and iMacs and sure to be a hit with all audiences.
• 100% Kid-Friendly book app (No ads, No in-app purchase, No settings button, No web links).
• Also Available on iPad and iPhone

• Interactive Educational Learning Book for preschool & kindergarten kids
• Teach children how to read with this heartwarming story.
• Tap, Pull, Pop and Drag objects!
• Recommended for preschool & kindergarten students and teachers.
• Professionally narrated - Children can read along!
• FUN, INTERACTIVE animations and CUTE sound effects on every page of the book!
• 100% Kid-Safe design (No ads, No in-app purchase, No settings button, No web links).
• Easy-to-use navigation buttons.
• Fun and educational classroom storybook.
• Great for Homeschooling parents and teachers.
• Helps kids learn and study new words.
• Beautifully and colorfully illustrated lessons.
• Read-to-Me (Narrator) & I-Can-Read (Independent) Modes.
• Wild Animal Friends in this illustrated children's book - parrot, rhinoceros and zebra.


• Also Available on iPad and iPhone

• Please visit our site for more information.

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