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앱 설명

Remember your favorite places
Whenever you come across those special places you want to remember forever, just place a pin on Places2Note, add comments, rating, pictures, voice message or video. Capture a place once, and it’s instantly available on all your devices. Never worry about where you saved something because it’s in Place2Note, and Places2Note is wherever you are.

Detailed maps at your fingertips
With Places2Note you have access to more than 255 global, local, hiking, biking and thematic maps from around the globe. Unlike paper maps, these live maps are being continuously updated, so you will always hold the most up-to-date map in your hands. In Places2Note you can create map overlays on top of base maps from Apple or others. Most maps are also available for offline use. With our desktop app you can create your own personal map and print it as PDF.

Share with family & friends
Share your favorite and special places, like restaurants, lodges, sights, or hiking, cycling, kayaking tracks etc. with the people who matter to you. Capture life’s special moments and share them from wherever you happen to be on Facebook*** or directly with your friends and family.

• Add and Edit Places and Tracks
• Add Comments, Ratings, Images, Voice*, Video*
• Use Tags to Filter
• Search for Places
• Overlay Map Layers*
• Offline Map*
• Print PDF Maps*
• Personal Categories
• Share on Facebook*
• Share Places with Friends*
• Export to Google Earth (KML)*

* indicates features available only to registered users with one of the following subscription types:

1. Basic (Free) Subscription functionality:
• Up to 150 Places
• Access to 'Basic' Overlay Maps
• Receive shared Places from your Friends
• Receive the Places2Note newsletter
• Free 30 day trial of all "Premium" subscription features

2. Plus Subscription ($0.99 per month). All the features of a 'Basic' subscription, plus:
• Up to 1000 Places
• Sync Places between all your devices
• 1GB of Cloud storage for your Places
• Access to 'Plus' Overlay Maps
• Download Offline Maps
• Share Places with your Friends***
• Print PDF Maps**

3. Premium Subscription ($2.99 per month). All the features of a 'Plus' subscription, plus:
• Unlimited Places and Cloud storage
• Access to 'Premium' Overlay Maps
• Attach Voice notes and Video to your Places
• Export your Places to Google Earth**

** indicates features available only in the Places2Note desktop App.

Purchase of a Places2Note subscription allows you to run the Places2Note App on all supported platforms, with your Places being automatically synchronised between your devices. Subscription payments will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase and will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription or turn off auto-renewal at least 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. A cancelled subscription remains active until the end of the current period, at which time your account reverts to 'Basic' subscription functionality.

Customers selecting the Free Trial will enjoy 'Premium' subscription features for a period of 30 days, after which they can elect to purchase a 'Plus' or 'Premium' subscription. In the absence of a purchase, their account will revert to 'Basic' subscription functionality.

For further information:
• Places2Note Privacy Policy:
• Places2Note Terms of Use:

*** Sharing on Facebook is currently available on iOS platforms only.

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