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iOS에서 iMovie 준비

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앱 설명

Edit videos on your iPhone & iPad NOW. It's easier than you think. This app contains the most comprehensive lessons available. Get the most out of your Apple device, NOW!

Learn iMovie editing for iPhone 6 and iPad now! Amaze Friends! Learn every finger swipe & tap in 16 Expert Video Lessons. 27 minutes that can change your life -Don't let your Apple device sit idle. Make beautiful movies today!

Learn every swipe & tap with 1/2 Hour of Premium Video Lessons. Filmed in TouchView® for exceptional videos. We thoroughly explain and demonstrate the editing process. Thousands mastered iMovie with this acclaimed learning app. Blow your friends & family away with killer videos!

It's easy- View our Expert lessons on your Mac, and follow along on your iOS device. English Narration w/ Videos. Subtitle streams in: English/Portuguese/French/Chinese(Traditional)/Japanese. You Know You Can Do It!

• The iMovie Interface
• The Project Interface
• Learn to Edit with iMovie
• Themes in iMovie
• Transitions in iMovie
• Precision Edits and Transitions
• Animate Photographs
• Record a Narration
• Sound Levels
• Titles in iMovie
• Splits and Freeze Frames
• Picture in Picture
• Shoot into the Timeline
• Trailers
• SlowMo Editing
• Exporting from iMovie

• All finger swipes & taps are clearly visible - 100% Hands-On Visualizations
• Easy to follow w/ additional visual highlighting
• Play in Full Screen Mode, if desired
• 1080p HD Video Quality
• High Video Production Values
• English Narration


All visualizations were filmed on iPad because of it's larger screen size. iPhone visualizations are very similar, and nearly the same. Some slight user interpretation may be necessary due to Apple's slightly different interface layouts between the two devices.

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