Price Change Sniper for eBay

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앱 설명

watch Buy It Now Auctions for Price changes

Want to be the first to know when an eBay ◉ Buy It Now ◉ auction's price has been lowered? and know it in as little as a minute of it happening so you are first to be able to buy it?
This “Buy It Now” sniper lets you collect eBay “BIN” auctions in a watch list, then it alerts you when a “Buy It Now” price has been lowered with a notification alert that has a link back to the auction.

● why use this app? because you will be the first to know, long before ebay watchlist users know about the price drop.

● Adjust length of time the sniper checks each BIN auction, between 1 and 30 minutes. (see web site instructions to the right of this description)

Now you really can get some great deals on eBay at the prices you want them at..

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