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Prime Elements

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앱 설명

Modern turn-based online fantasy card game

You are one of the few human beings with rare ability to feel and control the prime magic elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Death. Summon ancient creatures to fight on your side, cast powerfull spells, improve your tactical battle skills and lead your hero to the victory. And one day you will become a Champion, Archmage or Godlike...

Why our game is so unique and cool?
unique gameplay, in the best traditions of collectible card games;
battles with friends or other players on the arena, or training fights with artificial intelligence;
beautiful and detailed art;
comics-like tale and tutorials;
Elo-like players rating system (similarly to the chess-rating).

And also:

- You have five different elements to control. Boost your mana resources and decrease enemy mana;
- wide variety of cards and spells combinations can turn tide of the battle even for most dire situations;
- really interesting training mode;
- high quality music complements unique game art style;
- premium account allows you to earn experience faster;
- customization of your beautiful and powerful heroes;

Do you love beautiful and atmospheric tales and card games? Then this is the game for you!

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