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앱 설명

PRO Bitcoin Offline Vault will allow you to use offline transactions. Your private key can be in an air-gapped computer, and never touch the Internet. Maximum security.

Featured by Apple on top 10 Finance apps worldwide.

-Offline App Signed from Apple MacStore
-Offline Bitcoin
-Private Key always Air-Gapped
-Offline Verify and Sign Transaction
-Simple 12 Word Backup
-Import/Export from QRcode Image or USB Text File
-Advanced: Multisig, HD Addresses, P2SH, Timelock, mInput TX, more

Using Offline Bitcoin allows you to store your wealth securely in an offline vault. Your own vault that you control physically.

Fully sandboxed Mac App. MacStore Signed.

This solution provides a secure execution environment equivalent to the hardware Trezor, Ledger or BitKey. While more flexible as you are using your own hardware and can make software updates more easily.

The easiest way to send a receive Bitcoins. No need to register username, email or any info. Combined with simple backup options.

Create a Bitcoin address, private key, experiment, test away. All code runs on your app and does not depend on any central server. You are in control.

Create and Manage a Paper Wallet, Secure Cold Storage.

Sign and Decode messages encrypted with Bitcoin Keys.

Advanced: Multisig, HD Addresses, P2SH, Timelock, Multiple Input TX, Litecoin Tx, more

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