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Pro Zombie Soccer AE

퍼블리셔: S.A.H.D.M.T.
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

The iPhone and iPad chart topping megahit is at last available for Mac in all its fun glory, with lots of levels and game modes to fulfil your zombie killing needs.
If you like zombies, soccer or simply having a good time, here´s Pro Zombie Soccer Apocalypse Edition from Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team!

Take the role of Jax, a pro soccer player who after getting bitten by a zombie decides to stop the zombie apocalypse with just his soccer ball and a lot of courage before he turns into a green monster!

-Story-driven gameplay with gorgeus comic style art. The story has it all: Action! Zombies! Romance! Orbital Super Weapons!
-Lots of unique zombies to kill with your available super zombie powers!
-Unlockable modes and extras like the Sniper Mode or Zombie Odyssey.
-Incredible orchestral rock soundtrack with blow your ears away!

What the press said about Pro Zombie Soccer: "It´s a unique App Store gem.! "Pro Zombie Soccer is a game that shouldn’t be missed" "This unique experience is a great addition to the App Store." "Put this game at the top of your list of apps." "Pro Zombie Soccer is a little iPhone gem with brilliant graphics and simple but addicting mechanics" "An unusual production destined to shine forever on the App Store sky." "One of the most addictive titles you'll play." "PZS is a delicious slice of unashamed fun that everyone needs to have a go at." "Pro Zombie Soccer will continually surprise you with its exceptional style and creativity." "The best iPhone zombie game. It’s that good."
-BestApps: "PZS will keep you entertained for hours and keep you coming back over and over."

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