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Raw Photo Converter

퍼블리셔: Xiuhui Cheng
가격: 27.99 USD

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앱 설명

Raw Photo Converter is an advanced software that help users to convert RAW format to PNG,JPEG,TIFF,PDF or other image format with a minimum of time and efforts.It's the essential solution for professionals and amateurs, digital artists and digital photographers, web masters and designers.

Our application is able to convert the RAW file from different cameras: Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Sony and others.We support a large range of raw images including crw, cr2, nef, raf, dng, mos, kdc, dcr,raw etc.

Convert Raw can convert not only single images, but also perform batch RAW image conversion - a real treasure for those who have to process hundreds or thousands of RAW images.

Several simple steps to convert single or batch of RAW files:

1.Click "Add Raw" to add single RAW image or click "Add Folder" to add folder with batch of RAW images to load RAW files to File Loading List.You can view the file name,file path,file type and file size on the list.

2.Select desired raw file to preview it in "Image Preview".Support some operations such as zoom in,zoom out,zoom to fit size,zoom to actual size,drag,crop,rotate.

3.Choose the output format and image size.

4.Click "Save to..." to set output folder and enter the filename prefix.

5.Click the "Convert Raw" to launch conversion.

6.Go to the output folder to view the results.

Convert raw files to JPEG,TIFF,PNG,GIF,PDF or other image format with Raw Photo Converter! Have a try now.

If you find any problem during use,send an E-mail to to report bugs!

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