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앱 설명

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ReadingLogPro is an application for teachers to store reading log information received from students. With all the information stored in a local database, ReadingLogPro can help teachers to track the progress of students made and to provide useful guidance.

ReadingLogPro can be integrated with ReadingLog running on smart phones. The students use ReadingLog on smart phones to log reading information, and send emails to the teachers. As for the teachers, ReadingLogPro on Mac can import the emails into its local database directly, eliminating the need of tedious manual input. By doing so, ReadingLogPro enables teachers and students to be Green and to go paperless. This can encourage kids to learn about protecting our environment.

With reading information stored in local database, ReadingLogPro provides more powerful features:
1. All the books are stored in a table in the local database. Teachers can right click on a book to view its details. ReadingLogPro will retrieve information related to this book from the Internet. Teachers can then easily track the books students are reading;
2. All the reading log of students are stored in the local database. Teachers can track the history record of each student and monitor the progress. The statistics data can be shown in 3D charts, which give better visual presentation for analyzing purpose.
3. Teachers can easily identify the most popular books from the records stored in the database. This allows the teachers to recommend most popular books to students. Teachers can also recommend books based on student performance.
4. Reading log data can be compared across different classes.
5. ReadingLogPro supports database backup and database rollback. This helps to better manage the data.

Reading is important for kids. ReadingLogPro is important for teachers.

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