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ready2order POS - Kassensystem

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앱 설명

ready2order POS
The point of sale system. for successful entrepreneurs.

ready2order simplifies the selling process. Our POS adapts to every device and is set-up and ready within minutes. No long installation process or learning phase

Focus on your business and let us take care of upades and any legal requirements. We'll take the burden off your shoulders

The many features support you with your everyday business and give you the greatest possible freedom of choice.

Maintain an overview no matter where you are. With the management interface you get important statistics and analysis for your products and your revenue. This way you will always know what is happening in your business

You want to use printers, cash drawers, card readers and barcode scanners for your business? Additional devices can be integrated in no time with the POS. For the perfect hardware, check out our store.

You have multiple sites or need consulting to choose the system that fits your needs? No problem - our team will find the solution that suits you the best - tailored individually to your needs

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