Realm Of Conquerors

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앱 설명

Enjoy new epic heroes 3D fantasy rpg war game! Start your quest to victory in the most epic Realm of Conquerors!

Are you up for a new epic 3D tactical rpg?
Use your strategic skills in Realm of Conquerors, the most exciting and challenging 3D heroes rpg fantasy game where you need to bring your army to the enemy diamond and defeat it. Defend your towers, use spells and catch power ups!

Test your strategy skills with this incredibly exciting and challenging strategy game. With stunning 3D graphics, high-quality voices and music, this 3d fantasy rpg defense game requires from you to bring your army to the enemy diamond and defeat it. Support of gamepad and multiple platforms, the action game offers 6 different heroes to help you defeat the enemy, the 1st one for free and the other can be unlocked with IAP purchase.

Your task in our epic heroes quest is to catch towers to defend your own towers and to use power-ups for your hero to defeat the enemy. For your hero, this strategy fantasy rpg battle also has amazing spells to help you in defeating the enemy and keeping your army safe. While playing the epic heroes war league game, you can choose from 4 different modes, the summer, the winter, the day and the night mode with more than 15 levels with progressive difficulty to test your strategy and defend skills.

The action strategy rpg game generates 4 types of minions to attack the enemy or defend the base. You can buy minions with points that you can earn in the game by killing enemies, destroying enemy towers and many more. Build advanced outposts in the strategy game that will help you as well to stress your enemy by seeing your army coming from everywhere. Challenge your strategy and defend skills and bring the army to defeat the enemy!

- Stunning 3D graphics
- High-quality voices & music
- 6 heroes with amazing spells to defeat your enemy
- Unlock other heroes with IAP purchase
- Completely ad-free army rpg defense game
- Generate 4 types of minions to attack the enemy or defend the base
- Summer, winter, day & night mode
- Gamepad support
- 15 levels to complete with progressive difficulty
- Multiple platforms support
- FREE to play top fantasy tactical rpg
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Test your strategy skills, defend your towers and bring your army to defeat the enemy!
Download Realm of Conquerors today for FREE and enjoy playing!

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