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Record It - Screen Recorder

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앱 설명

Record It is a light, practical and professional application that performs well in recording screen and sound activity. The tool enables you to capture everything that happens on your screen as video with great quality. It provides all the elements needs to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software application, record online video, capture a amazing game tricks, ppt and your images slideshows, create vivid tutorials, iPhone simulator and etc. Meanwhile, it records your desktop and mouse movements along with sound from your system or microphone. Record It HD is a very useful to demo your software. It also supports mirror and record your iOS screen on Mac via WiFi.

With Record It, you can:
- Create demonstration videos for any software program;
- Record the reproduced step of problem with your computer so you can show it to technical support people;
- Record iOS screen and mirror iOS video via WiFi;
- Create video tutorials for school or college class;
- Record new tricks and techniques you discover before you forget them.

- Record your video at full screen or any size(partital screen or single-app window)
- Record the audio with computer audio, online audio, system build-in microphone, or audio input device
- Record a single window with mouse movements whether it moves or being covered .
- Record the screen as high quality video(720P, 1080P and 4k)
- One click to complete recording
- Record the screen, record by build-in Camera and and system audio (to record system audio please download plugin Soundflower first)
- Export video at a very fast speed as GIF or MP4
- It supports to record iOS screen and mirror iOS video via WiFi. Say goodbye to USB wires.
- You can always record certain window; Set video quality and choose audio device by your request
- No time limit

Our team tries best to provide a better Record It for you to capture your screen. Enjoy our product? Please give us a good comment, or share it with your friends or colleagues to help them learn more and make a perfect choice.
If there are any feedbacks, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via

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