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Replayer: Slow Downer for Music Practice

퍼블리셔: Lukasz Adamczak
가격: 9.99 USD

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앱 설명

(fully functional trial with 10-minute time limit)

Replayer is the simplest audio player for any practicing musician

* Slow down music without changing the pitch
* Zoom in and isolate parts of the file
* Loop selected region of the song
* Adjust pitch to match your instrument's tuning
* Use simple keyboard shortcuts for effortless practice


- Adjust playback speed between 25%-175% without affecting pitch
- Adjust pitch from -2 semitones to +2 semitones
- Playback of any OS X-supported audio file
- Drag and drop of audio files onto the app window
- Drag and drop files from iTunes
- Play only a selected portion of the file
- Automatic looping of the range
- Use mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out
- One-handed keyboard operation

Keyboard shortcuts:

space - play/pause
return - play from beginning of the range
left arrow - rewind 2 seconds
right arrow - skip forward 2 seconds
+ - increase speed by 5%
- - decrease speed by 5%
0 - reset speed to 100%
] - increase pitch by 1 semitone
[ - decrease pitch by 1 semitone
A - set current range beginning at cursor position
Z - set current range ending at cursor position
X - reset range to entire file
L - toggle looping on/off

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