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앱 설명

The future of your business is better than ever! The R+F Virtual Live app introduces key enhancement to the groundbreaking technology based on user feedback. This live app allows all Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants to broadcast livestream events…anytime, anywhere connecting their entire network of customers and community.

With this app, all Rodan + Fields Independent Consultants can create and host livestream events, invite guests, track who’s watching, and collect additional post-event statistics to improve their performance. The Independent Consultant’s events are linked to their commerce sites, enabling real-time enrollments and product purchases for both themselves and their business partners. Enhancements include a library of content to help share the R+F story with all consumers worldwide, bringing life-changing skincare to all.

Key Features:
· Live video broadcasting
· R+F Virtual event creation and sharing
· Beautifully-branded hosting environment
· Lead tracking and data
· Enabling real-time enrollments and product purchases
· Library of videos about R+F business and products
· Post-event data insights and event statistics

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