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Limited time promotion...
Early reviewers:-

"Once in awhile a game title completely nails the game’s theme, and other times not so much. Robots Zombies and Giant Chickens is definitely one that nails it."

"The sound has become one of my favorites on the Mac App Store! The music has such an upbeat and exciting sound that I just had to blast it and probably pissed off my neighbors. I will play this game again and again for the commentary and soundtrack alone!"

"If you like your game to have a healthy sense of humor then you will absolutely love Robots Zombies and Giant Chickens"

The giant chickens are damn awesome.
I'm literally LMAO. Amazing.

Wow - great stuff!
I love the music!

The giant chickens are ridiculous and AWESOME all at the same time!

A lot of laughs!
I am not much of a gamer, but the chickens made me laugh.

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Your feedback is super valuable. We want to make a game YOU WANT TO PLAY. To request new features to Robots, Zombies, and Giant Chickens, please leave feedback on iTunes, or Twitter @GiantChickens, or contact us on our web site.
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As the last man standing in front of a tsunami of Robots, Zombies, and Giant Chickens, your mission is to fight through the entire onslaught by yourself in order to keep them from taking over.


Visit to view the latest video previews.

- Robots, Zombies, and Giant Chickens
- Killer sound track
- Really Giant Chickens


Q: How do you pause?
A: Press the "P" key.

Q: How do I quit?
A: Don't quit. You won't like yourself. But, if you really must then press the Command + Q keys.

Q: How did these Giant Chickens get created?

Q: How do I save the game?
A: The game does that automatically when you either get killed, or quit the game.

Q: Contact?
A: To request new features or have any bugs to report, please visit:
Twitter: @GiantChickens

Q: Video preview?

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