RPG MapMaker

퍼블리셔: Massimiliano Bussi
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앱 설명

RPG MapMaker is a great application to craft encounter maps for tabletop role playing games.

Main features:

■Full control of your maps
■Add picture or text items
■Rotate, scale and move your items
■Text is fully styled
■Expandable library of background textures and items
■Import any JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF picture
■Multiple layers
■Layer order can be changed
■Layers can be hidden
■Layers have a transparency setting
■Freehand and line draw
■Use colors or textures
■Drawings are contained in a layer
■Full iCloud support
■Compatible with RPG MapMaker and RPG MapMaker HD for iOS (including iCloud sharing)
■Comprehensive help

Maps can be exported as PNG, JPG, TIF or layered PSD, and can be printed.

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