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퍼블리셔: Fabio Ricci
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앱 설명

Recently we got the following review: "This app is total garbage. It blocks way too much. I can't even access my church website or common hobby shops online. I wish I could get my .99 back, but at least it wasn't more than that. Skip this app and look further."

In response to it:

Safer Browser was not born to make an adult internet experience safer: for this, please, use traditional browsers! SB was born to protect children and it is not a substitute of any browser around! We care about having children safe while browsing the internet! Adults, please, keep on browsing with Safari!
Safer browser checks for the existence of each banned word in the HTML code or text of a web page. So, dear user, if your church website contains a banned word, Safer Browser will block even a church website. If you are so kind to indicate the problem in detail, we could help you... and maybe optimize your website code...
We care about safe internet browsing!


Safer Browser is the lightweight web browser for your children and people you want to protect while in the internet.

Check the iOS version for iPad and iPhone on the App Store!

From our point of view a lot of the so-called "safe web browsers" on the market are simply unusable. They ask you to create a list of websites to ban. This is pretty useless. And maybe it is even more useless to give a chance to those web browsers, which allow to browse only specified websites. This leads your children to a boring internet experience.

Safer Browser, on the contrary, allows you to specify potentially dangerous keywords (a set of keywords ships by default). Its artificial intelligence will then be able to ban those websites which have to do with the specified keywords.

With Safer Browser, if you are going to ban the word "adult", then the user, presumably your children, won't be able to browse any website containing the the word "adult" in their text and even in their metadata!

You can manage the words blacklist easily with a protection of a password (the default one is 1234) of your choice.

Check the iOS version for iPad and iPhone on the App Store!
Safer Browser is the ultimate solution to protect your children while in the internet!

Please, use the Twitter account @fabiensen or to receive support from the developers rather than to ask for it in the review! Thank you!

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