ScopiDo: Habit & Goal Tracker

퍼블리셔: Nicusor Turcan
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앱 설명

ScopiDo is a powerful tracker for habits & goals for Mac. You can use it as a simple habits tracker or as a complex goals tracker, which does the math for you. In order to distinguish between them, habits have circular icons and goals have square icons. The Today view displays all habits and goals you should care about until the end of the day.

- All your habits and goals are in the same window.
- There are three states for each habit or goal: done, failed, and undecided. You can switch between them easily.
- You can customize your dates and working days in an Info panel.
- You can track and view your progress through data and graphs.
- It does the math for you and changes colors in Progress view according to the status of an item.

- Display a calendar view in different colors, blue for the done days, red for the failed days, and grey for the undecided days.
- Display percent and value of the success rate for the entire period of time.
- Show the current and the best streak.
- Show the current habit in top-three habits.

- Track total progress, days left, deadline, and the number of units to go.
- View session progress and units for a session (a day).
- Display a total progress line graph between the start date and the deadline.
- Display the current goal in top-three goals.

Other Key Features
- Display app Icon Badge & Notifications.
- Display dark mode.
- Switch between multiple views: Today, All Active, Completed, and Trash.

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