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SkyRider ADV

퍼블리셔: MIND RAY
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

SkyRider, is a flight simulator for a new kind of flying, where you rely on your own power to pedal yourself in to the sky. Not only do you need to master your skybike, you must also manage your body to last a whole race. Collect prices during the race, to help improve yourself and your sky bike. THIS GAME IS ALSO AVAILABLE FOR iOS DEVICES.

Flynn, Sue and Ala will help you become everything you can be.
Flynn, sells all the parts you need to make your skybike the best.
Sue, runs the local bar, and sells all the nourishments you need during your racing.
Ala, will help you get into shape.

Game features:
• Upgrade your skybike.
• Train your self so you can pedal faster and longer then ever before.
• RACE, race other computer Skyriders.
• TIME, race against the clock.
• Endurance, manage to clear a course with the minimum amount of energy.
• Night flight.
• Online leaderboards.
• The computer AI's fly with the exact same rules as you, if they can do it then you can. They will try to avoid you if they can, but with so close racing accidents will happen. They also have skills, so they will improve as you do.

Use the "arrow keys" to steer.
Use "Q" and "A" to change speed.
Use "X" and "C" to Yaw.
Use "D" to drink
Use the "space key" to look behind you.
Or configure you own under Controls menu.

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