AppSana Suite for Asana

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앱 설명

Enjoy both full featured Asana Online and Asana Offline in one application! with Notifications and Touch Bar support.

AppSana Suite provides a native Asana experience for macOS fully compatible with High Sierra.

One and only native Asana application on Mac AppStore. It can work offline, notifications included and we are constantly adding major Asana Features.

We are using all possible functions of official Asana API. We are continuously developing new features when it's available via API. Please check our development board and be the part of our development process.

We are constantly adding major Asana Features (with Offline Support);

-- Full Featured Asana Online and Offline switch
-- Touch bar support
-- List All Your Workspaces, Teams, Tasks and Sections
-- Mark as Done
-- Organise Your Tasks (Today, Upcoming and Later)
-- Search Tasks
-- Task Details
-- Task Description
-- Assign to a User
-- Set Due Date
-- List, add, Delete Sub-tasks
-- List and Download Attachments
-- See history, read and write Comments

And more…

-- All Workspaces Together
AppSana Suite presents a unique feature for Asana which combines all workspaces and projects in a single menu.

-- Smart Task List
Starred Tasks, All Tasks and All Your Tasks Due Today.

-- “Star” Your Tasks
You can “Star” your critical tasks and see all “Starred” tasks together.

-- Native Notifications
You will be informed with clean and optimised messages about every activity at your Asana Workspaces.

-- More
* Fullscreen support for maximized Asana experience.
* Retina-ready & smooth.

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