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Speedy for Jira

퍼블리셔: Grant Kemp
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

New improved Timer and System Options

Save yourself time and speed up your Jira time tracking with Speedy!

Speedy for Jira is a tool designed to save you time by speeding up:
- Seeing all your assigned Jira tickets straight from your desktop
- Automating the tracking of the time you worked on a Jira ticket using its built-in timer. ( even when you Mac Sleeps)
- Stores your Jira login Securely in your Apple Keychain
- Start, stop and log time to your tickets straight from the system bar
- Quickly save your most commonly used Jira tickets
- Quickly Lets you to log time to any Jira ticket you are assigned in one click.

- Also supports the popular 3rd party plugin for Jira called Tempo

About the developer
Being someone who works on a multitude of projects, I live in Jira. Whatever I can do to make it faster and more enjoyable, means that I spend more time doing actual work instead of the admin around it. Having the ability to see a single list of tasks and being able to log time to these tickets quickly and easily saves me hours of time every week

Speedy is not affiliated in any way with Jira, Atlassian, Tempo

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