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앱 설명

Splice is the premiere database app, now with a free 2-week trial. From Oracle to MS Access, MySQL to PostgreSQL, DB2 to Azure, Splice can connect to, query, and update all the major databases in the cloud or on your local network. No longer do you need to be a SQL wizard or relational expert to run queries and reports against your organization's data.

Designed from the ground-up to be fast and efficient, Splice combines the power and flexibility of an enterprise-class database tool with the speed and elegance of a truly native Mac app. Combining the user-friendless of a consumer app with enterprise-class encryption and security, Splice boasts the following features:

◆ Powerful query editor, enabling you to write complex filters with no SQL required
◆ Results are loaded on-demand, so queries execute almost immediately even when returning millions or rows
o Syntax-aware raw SQL editor, for full query power
o Browse database schema components, from columns to key and indices
◆ Database configuration editor with numerous advanced database connection options
◆ A dozen built-in connectors, as well as the ability to connect using any JDBC driver jar
◆ SSH tunnel support for accessing databases behind firewalls
- Query Bookmarks & History
- Supports an unlimited number of simultaneous connections
◆ Multi-tab support enables an unlimited number of concurrent results to be views simultaneously
◆ Sleek "Dark" mode for macOS Mojave
- Export query results in CSV, TSV, SQL, or JSON
- Edit multiple rows simultaneously, with customizable transaction control
- Database driver updates and security fixes (with Splice Unlimited)

The limited mode of Splice enables unrestricted connections to file-based databases in the Microsoft Access and SQLite format. In addition, the free 15-day trial of Splice Unlimited enables access to a variety of enterprise-class data sources installed on your local network or in the cloud, including:

• Oracle
• Exasol
• MariaDB
• PostgreSQL
• CockroachDB
• Microsoft Azure
• Amazon Redshift
• Microsoft SQL Server

Have a database that is not currently supported by Splice? Drop us a line at and we'll work with you to get it integrated in the next version!

With Splice Unlimited, you will always be up-to-date with the latest database protocols and security updates based on the vendor's Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) system. Splice Unlimited is an auto-renewing annual subscription that begins at the end of your free trial period. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The subscription period is one year that starts after your free 2-week trial period. You can update or cancel your subscription via iTunes or the App Store after purchase. Subscription information can be viewed in the "Activation" preference pane of the app.

We value your feedback, it helps us to improve Splice to better serve your needs! Please send us your comments or suggestions in the App Store or by the feedback page inside the app's Help menu, or contact support at:

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

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