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앱 설명

Stackitecture creates smart cloud diagrams for Amazon Web Services. It was built to solve to a set of problems encountered by software architects and developers

How do I quickly “sketch” out a cloud architecture?

We save you time because Stackitecture has all AWS services available as components that you can easily drag and drop into your diagram. No more searching the web or slide decks for the right icon.

How do I keep my diagrams proprietary, local, and under my control and not shared with a third party?
Your architecture diagrams are your IP and you really want to manage access to them. No diagram information is shared with us or any third party.

Other features

Export to PDF / PNG for use in slide decks.
Native integration with MacOs – terrible user experiences costs you time and money. Stackitecture was designed to integrate natively with MacOs with a proven user experience.

Our Term and Conditions are located at

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