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StakePoint Projects

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앱 설명

StakePoint is designed to visualise maintain and analyse your projects. Break down tasks and optimise resource requirements to build competitive budgets.
Multi-project and multi-user, StakePoint allows your team members to get organised to keep up with deadlines and objectives. Reduce lost time, exploit resources better and anticipate your working capital requirements.

Developed for Project Managers:
StakePoint always shows critical paths and introduces matrix type navigation to improve visibility across engagements, progress curves and workloads.
Integrates full project tracking and earned value management to make realistic project forecasts.
StakePoint shows you how resources are in use across projects with extensive S-curve workload analysis across multiples selections.
Import and export MS-Project files without limit, and export about everything.
Use StakePoint as a stand-alone desktop application or exploit its hybrid cloud capabilities to collaborate over a database of your organisation or any DBaaS offering in the cloud.

Workload analysis directly integrated within the Gantt view.
Matrix type breakdown structure.
Constant critical path.
Fully integrated earned value management.
Task tracking including the history of progress.
Extensive S-curve workload and value analysis across multiples selections.
Collaboration, with an unlimited number of users, sharing the same database.
Multiple-projects share the same resource pool.
Create all possible dependencies: Finish to Finish, Start to Finish, Finish to Start and Start to Start.
Allows the creation of relations between projects.
Use automatically or manually scheduled tasks.
Integrates simple document management, with documents directly linked to the tasks.
Imports and Exports to Microsoft Project (XML format).
Exports high-quality PDF documents (up to A0).
Compatible with Oracle databases. SQL-Server and PostgreSQL databases.
Compatible with DBaaS cloud solutions.

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