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앱 설명

Easy to use app to upload your GPS activities direct to your STRAVA® profile.
• Works with any device that mounts as an external drive, needs to create FIT, GPX or TCX files.
• Edit the activities before uploading OR automatically upload in the background.
• Stravup will check for new activities as soon as you re-connect your device.
• You can choose to auto backup your activity files to your local storage for added safety.
• Links your device to Stravup to avoid accidental uploads from other peoples devices connecting to your computer.

After you’ve made the connection with STRAVA®:
• Have your Garmin® or compatible device connected to your computer and check that it is showing in the Finder.
• Choose 'Show Stravup' from the status bar menu.
• Select which folder on your device has the activity files, for Stravup to monitor. Usually called 'activities', Stravup will automatically monitor this and sub-folders that are in your activities folder.
• You will be asked to save a small strava_id text file to link the device to the current Stravup profile.
• Decide if you want to edit the activities before upload OR let Stravup automatically upload them for you.
• Decide if you want Stravup to automatically start whenever you login to your computer.

• Stravup compares to the 200 most recent online Strava® activities.
• It is a good things to keep your device reasonably clean of old activity files, by manually removing & archiving files every so often.
• Stravup is limited to single-user.
• Stravup doesn't always rescan the device after the computer has been in a lengthy sleep-mode. If you find this happening, click the 'scan now' menu item.

Stravup will not delete files for you, recommended to clean your device every so often to keep your device running at optimum speed.
Created specifically for GPS sports recording devices, and any device that generates STRAVA® compatible files (FIT, GPX or TCX format) and that mounts as a Volumes on your computer will work.
Made possible with the help from the STRAVA API v3.
# STRAVA is a registered trademark and Stravup is not affiliated with Strava Inc.
# Garmin is a registered trademark and Stravup is not affiliated with Gamrin Ltd.

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