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Swit - Team collaboration hub

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앱 설명

Create a new team culture with Swit, a collaboration suite that enables

various features for teamwork interaction because it has everything your

team needs in one place. Get ideas while chatting, organize via ideas,

and manage tasks to complete projects more efficiently than ever.


* Channel

- A channel is a communication tool for creating ideas. Inside, there are

chat functions with various features and an ideas function for posting

ideas and sharing opinions.

- Chatting is a powerful communication feature that includes a variety of

tools for working. It includes unique collaboration features, such as

outcome capabilities, to emphasize and manage decisions, as well as text

and files.

- ideas is a traditional posting function that organizes ideas and

communicates opinions deeply. It provides a simple but delicate writing

system while maintaining powerful chatting features like mentions and file



* Project

- Project systematically functions to manage tasks. Create tasks and track

issues via Swit's unique project tool that shows tasks in various layouts

and keeps the same data in each view. Use it to create great work!

- "Status View" is a layout that shows the status of tasks by categories

"To Do", "Doing", and "Done". Check your to-dos and start working!

- "Bucket View" lets you sort tasks freely. You can categorize and manage

tasks however you want.

- In "Team View", you can check which tasks are being assigned to members.

You can also assign and change the responsibility of tasks by simply

dragging and dropping the tasks to members.

- With "Calendar View", you can see your whole task schedule at a glance.


* Interaction

- Each feature interacts with each other, allowing flexible and fast

collaboration via Swit. For example, you can instantly create and view

tasks as soon as you have an idea in chat, or you can search for chatting

logs and tasks directly from the search function.


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