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앱 설명

Taskheat allows you to break down your tasks and build a path to your goals. It lets you focus on the steps that are under your control to get you where you want to go.

If you have a goal, dream or master plan for your life, Taskheat will help you to find your path to success. With a streamlined UI and sophisticated algorithms under the hood, Taskheat will get you through tangled webs of tasks, errands, and lists.

With Taskheat you can:

• Gather and link tasks to reach your goal in gorgeous Flowchart or List views.
Are you ever overwhelmed by having so many small things to do and don’t know where to start? Link your tasks together, and the app will guide you to an excellent place to focus first. Get right to the steps that matter.

• Get things done when you’re there.
Your task list is updated, so you always know what you need to do wherever you are. Quickly find the tasks that need to be done in different locations.

• Delegate tasks to third parties
If you have a responsibility that is currently out of your control, or you’ve delegated it to another person, your list will adjust and it won’t interfere with actual tasks.

• Tag your tasks
Assign color-coded tags to your tasks to make it easier to find them and review them when needed.

• Assign due dates and receive useful notifications
Taskheat will notify you when any of your tasks are due soon, so you’ll never forget to get things done on time.

• Print your task flow
Taskheat makes it easy to print your task workflow with style. You can also use this to generate PDF files and share them with your colleagues.

Our team is continuously working on improving Taskheat to make it an even better product. Your feedback is essential and appreciated.
Stay tuned!

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