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Teacher Assistant 3 - Schedule Master

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앱 설명

This programs is one of the best solutions for keeping an electronic class register.

It's is a helpful teacher's tool for managing classes and personal schedules.

In this version you can:
1. Organize the main aspects of your teacher's process easily

- Add/edit up to 5 LESSON TEMPLATES per week for free;
- Create up to 15 STUDENT PROFILES, 2 groups and 2 courses;
- Keep a journal with students' MARKS.
- Create RANDOM GROUPS of students for any class participation;

2. Monitor, filter and find the needed data quickly

- Filter students by groups and courses;
- Monitor students' achievements.

3. Add helpful notes and create to-do lists

- Store addresses and contacts;
- Use colorful labels & icons for better data visualization;
- Add homework tasks to each lesson.

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