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앱 설명

The Document Editor allows you to download, open, edit, and save changes to files stored within Teamwork Projects without having to upload them again manually. It works with the applications that you already have on your computer, such as Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, LibreOffice, and Adobe Photoshop, as well as certain other image file types.

How it works:
Once a Teamwork Projects user with editing permissions clicks to edit a file, it'll download automatically and open the file on your Mac. From there, you can make whatever edits are necessary to the file, hit save, and the edited file is automatically uploaded as a new version. All previous versions will still be available in the Versions area of your site.

Installing the Document Editor:
• Document Editor can only be enabled by an admin on the site
• Go to Site Settings, then click on the Integrations tab and enable the Document Editor
• Once this has been enabled, all users with editing permissions will see the edit option
• Clicking on this will open the download option for Mac
• Once downloaded, you can use it immediately

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