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Templates SourceCode for Xcode

퍼블리셔: GiulioCaruso.IT
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

This is a utility for Developer.

In this app you will find the FULL SOURCE of 9 applications.


Projects complatible with Xcode 5 and 6!

With some small modifications you can create your app starting with this templates!

The apps are
Find you Car:
is an app that uses the iPhone's GPS to store the coordinates of your car after parking allows you to calculate a route between your current location and your car.

Generate Banner Stadium:
is an app for create custom banners, personalize the text and you can choose between 9 banners.

SOS Emergency:
by GPS detects your location and send your location via e-mail to a contact you've chosen.

Shopping List: you create a shopping list with a SQLite database.

Self-Timer iPhone & iPad you can make photos with camera and setting a timer in seconds.

Photo Secret iPhone & iPad this app uses the camera, opening app you can see black screen and a SAVE button, clicking "Save" will take a picture.

Walk Write and Share:
Walking and writing a text message are two things that you can hardly do together. To avoid unpleasant surprises is always better to be careful where you put your feet. In fact you can write a text message or update your status on social networks while you are walking. How? The app will use your camera and you'll always know where you put your feet.
Also available Nightmode, thanks to the flash of your iPhone that acts as a torch!

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