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앱 설명

TimeStory helps you create plans, roadmaps, project schedules, historical timelines, and more, whether you want professional-looking output for presentation, a detailed reference point for your own work, or just a quick sketch for brainstorming.

Lay out events in time, switching freely between day, week, month, and year views. Group events into sections, which can be rearranged, collapsed, or hidden. Apply colors, fonts, sizes, and shapes to make your documents clear and attractive. Present your work directly, with full-screen mode and quick navigation shortcuts, or generate PDF or PNG files for sharing and embedding.

Use zoom levels and adjustable time scales to focus in on details or widen out to the big picture. Apply an event filter to include just the events you're interested in. Visually mark ranges of time.

Add events by pointing and clicking, by entering a bit of text using Quick Entry, or by importing from external CSV files. Navigate from one event to another with keyboard shortcuts or toolbars.

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