TMetric for Safari

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앱 설명

TMetric is a solution that provides accurate time tracking, diverse options of tasks and projects scope management, real-time reports for the in-depth analysis, billing and invoicing. Clean interface, simple functionality and smooth integrations with a lot of tools gives an increase of efficiency and boost of incomes.

With TMetric you can do:


+ track time with the timer
+ add time manually
+ see current activity on timeline
+ analyze idle detection


+ get summary reports for projects and tasks
+ get customizable reports with company logo
+ get apps and site usage reports
+ export reports to PDF, CSV)

and Invoicing

+ set budgets for your projects
+ set billable rates on any task, client or team member
+ get detailed money reports
+ create invoicing

Team activity

+ manage team workflow activity
+ edit workspace member profiles
+ capture screenshots

Sync time with
+ Jira Software
+ Redmine

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