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Track Construction with Maschine Mk2

퍼블리셔: ASK Video
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가격: 13.99 USD

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앱 설명

Native Instruments’ Maschine is both a live performance controller and a powerful studio creative instrument. This course lasers in on how to build a complete studio track from start to finish using the amazing Maschine.
First, you get updated on Maschine’s latest hardware and software features. Mo then takes you step by step as he gathers his raw materials to begin building custom kits and patterns. Then, exploiting Maschine’s seamless integration with Massive, you see how to design and incorporate a massively nasty bass part! Soon you’re off to deploying Maschine’s effects with a deep focus on distortion, dynamics, reverb, delay and EQ, to add clarity and depth to your overall production.

OK... it’s time to build the arrangement. In this collection of tutorials you really get deep into Patterns and Scenes and uncover cool ways to expand and develop the various sections of your track.

In the last section of the course, you learn how to move your Maschine tracks to your DAW of choice (Mo uses Logic). This is where you expand the arrangement, automate, mix, and make your final tweaks before mastering your track.

Be sure to check out all of our world-class Maschine courses designed to get you quickly producing and performing your music using this incredibly powerful instrument!

Table of contents:

1. The Maschine V2 Hardware
2. Maschine Goes Technicolor
3. New Features in 1.8
4. Creating Hits from Loops
5. Putting Together Custom Kits
6. Using FX Samples and Kits
7. Loading Synths and Instruments
8. Starting With the Beats
9. Bass Courtesy of Massive
10. Extra Instruments to Go
11. Crashes and FX
12. Striking a Balance: Controlling Levels
13. Effects for Sounds and Groups
14. Serious Dynamics
15. Distortion Is Key
16. Modulation Heaven
17. Reverb and Delay
18. Filters and Eq
19. Maschine-style Automation
20. Understanding Patterns
21. Scenes Uncovered
22. Using Scenes for Basic Construction
23. Pre-Flight Prep
24. Working With Multiple Outputs
25. Drag-And-Drop Midi Technique
26. Sending Audio to Your Daw
27. Recreating Your Maschine Arrangement
28. Builds and Drops
29. Silky Smooth Transitions
30. Adding New Parts in Your Daw
31. A Note on Tweaking Effects
32. Mastering in Your Daw
33. Exporting Your Final Project

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