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퍼블리셔: kuhbuckelstudios
가격: 1.99 USD

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앱 설명

Tractor Driving and Farming Simulation

Check out some of the new screenshots:

Head over to our new website.
You can see the all new pictures of the upcoming version.

We would appreciate if you try to get in contact with us to share newest ideas.

Always have in mind that we are a young
IndependentGameDevelopment Company. So by buying our game you are supporting us in making the game better.

New Version 1.3 including "The Lab" where you can see our new driving physic and landscape design.

The Manual is available at:

Many thanks to the customers up to now. We appreciate the good response on our game.
We will continue to develop our game and you will be getting free updates very soon.

This version includes also a Tractor race with high speed racing models.

Different Traktor models in different levels will let you be a farmer and Tractor driver.

Watch out for the next Update.
We will add new features and levels.

for wishes please send an email to:

IMPORTANT: Visit : and download the manual !

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