Tube - Video Converter for AppleTV & iTunes

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앱 설명

Tube automates the lookup of movie information and converts your video better and faster than any other Mac video conversion App. Videos are automatically converted for iTunes, iDevices and your AppleTV with Movie or TV Show metadata. The results are automatically organised and added to iTunes.

Tube does all of this and:

• Automates finding movies and TV Shows information from filenames, so you don’t have to. It does this better than any other App, and is continually improving
• Converts all common video file types
• Set a watch folder, and allow Tube to remove and clean up source videos and folders when it is finished
• Tube analyses the video to see if it can convert it quickly while making sure the video and audio are of the highest quality
• Support for surround sound, subtitles & chapters
• Batch converting - convert a huge library of video
• Automatic updates of missing metadata
• Skip conversion of sample videos option
• Beautifully renamed and organised on disk

Tube is designed to get out of your way, and make video conversion as easy as possible.

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