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UltraKey 6 International Personal Edition

퍼블리셔: Bytes of Learning
가격: 39.99 USD

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앱 설명

UltraKey teaches you how to type using a proven approach that begins by setting a personal goal and helping you achieve it one step at a time. UltraKey is the #1 typing software recommended by professionals around the world for ages 8 to 88!

Children and adults love UltraKey because it ...

• sets a personal goal for every user
• provides a clear path to achieving that goal
• demonstrates each new skill using voice, graphics and video
• builds speed and accuracy using realistic practice and testing
• identifies specific ways to improve and provides immediate help when needed
• tests your performance according to international typing standards
• puts you in charge of your learning

Your UltraKey experience begins by taking a brief typing test and setting a goal called a challenged level. Voice actor Tina Meazell tells you what to do, regularly pats you on the back, and provides extra help along the way! Don't want the voice to speak? Just turn it off.

To develop your skill, UltraKey responds to your typing by presenting new instructions, spelling words, and reading items when needed. Every new action is demonstrated using clear 3D animated graphics, which repeat whenever you need the help.

In UltraKey, you build your speed and accuracy by typing just like you do when you write emails or type reports. UltraKey accurately identifies error patterns and tells you exactly how to improve.

When you feel ready, enter the UltraKey Typing Forum and test your typing for up to 5 minutes at a stretch! UltraKey reports are detailed enough that they can be used to certify job performance.

Adapt UltraKey to suit personal learning styles and special needs by adjusting a wide range of options. If you are a skilled typist already, turn off the Sequence Control in Preferences and let UltraKey challenge you to improve.

To help you get the most out of UltraKey, it includes built-in videos that introduce each activity. Twelve stretch videos teach you how to relieve tension and stretch safely.

This international edition of UltraKey provides English spelling and content for North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. User guidance and in-depth information are provided through an extensive manual and an on-board web site. Toll-free and online support are provided at no charge.

Get UltraKey now and start improving your typing skill today!

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