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Video Desktop Lite

퍼블리셔: Anthony Bortolussi
평점: 평점이 없음
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앱 설명

Video Desktop Pro features not available in Video Desktop Lite: 4K video compatibility via Youtube Integration (use any Youtube video as a video wallpaper up to 4k quality), all the videos available for purchase in Video Desktop Lite, included-- you save $14.00 vs buying all the video wallpapers individually. You will also receive new video backgrounds published for sale in the Video Desktop Lite Video Store, as free downloads for life.

Video Desktop Lite:

Video Desktop transforms your static desktop wallpaper into a beautiful video view. Every video background has been filmed or 3D animated exclusively for Video Desktop.

Video Demo:

Video Desktop Lite includes 3 Full HD video backgrounds, and more can be purchased from the built in store for $0.99 USD.

Instead of purchasing individual video backgrounds with Video Desktop Lite, you can have all 21 video backgrounds and save 70% ($14.00) by purchasing Video Desktop Pro!

Video Desktop can be installed on all Apple Mac OS X devices, and Apple TV connected televisions via screen mirroring.

Follow @createvideo on Twitter for Video Desktop updates, including notifications of free video background downloads!


+Video backgrounds including Afterglow, Sunset, and Waterfall. A variety of additional video backgrounds are also available including live action scenes and 3D rendered animations. Only pay for the additional video backgrounds you want ($0.99/ea US pricing), each purchased video background is yours for life.

+Video backgrounds play silently for optimal relaxation, or listen to your own audio.

+Screensaver mode (on or off)

+Automatic cycle option (on or off) - This feature automatically cycles through all your video backgrounds.

+Load on startup option (on or off)

+Video backgrounds pause to save system resources when windows take up more than 80% of screen space.

+Built-in video store, with additional video backgrounds available for purchase. New video backgrounds are added all the time.

+Technical Details: All videos are uniquely recorded for Video Desktop in 4K RAW quality, noise reduced, and delivered in 1080p HD.

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