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앱 설명

Enjoy your live desktop selected from loop played movie, webcam or digital video input and slideshow pictures with transitions.

Desktop picture too boring for you? Enjoy a more lively desktop! With "view", you'll be able to use a video, picture slideshow, or even feed from a webcam as your desktop picture!

All three functions in one app!

- any video QuickTime accepted can be used - it will be looped on the desktop
- video sound track can be muted
- video can be played with or without Aspect Ratio Preserved
- all Mac OS compatible webcams and DV devices can be used as live video input
- video input can be expanded to full screen display
- a slideshow of all pictures in any folder (folder, NOT iPhoto Library)
- 4 transitions: fade, push, reveal and move in
- time interval from 3 seconds to 300 seconds for each slide
- global hotkey controlled pause/resume function make app more convenient
- option of hide app's dock icon
- status menu label reminder during first run

view, all about LIVE desktop!

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