Vithanco Concept Maps

퍼블리셔: Klaus Kneupner
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

Did you ever experienced a situation where people use the same terms with different meaning? Whether at work, at home, at school or at university? Or people used different terms for the same meaning?

Concept Maps take the terms/words/concepts and explain them via their relationships to each other. You can then phrase each relationship by formulating a whole sentence and get a correct/wrong feedback from those you discuss it with.

Use concept maps to align on terminology and to describe the problem or situation. I recommend to use Concept Maps for every project start up. Concept Maps are great to explain key elements of the project to new joiners.

You can as well use Concept Maps for learning, understanding, communication and studying. Put down your understanding in a concept map and review with others. Expand the Concept Map over time if needed.

Vithanco Concept Maps is a dedicated editor for Concept Maps. Some features are:
* Ensuring correct structure of maps
* Autolayout - no need to waste your time on moving boxes
* Change relationships with easy drag and drop
* Keyboard controls
* Darkmode supported (requires macOs 10.14 Mojave)
* Export to PDF, JPG and PNG
* Import von CXL files (can be created by CMapTools)
* Files are compatible with the generic Vithanco app
* Cluster parts of the concept map (allows un-/folding of clusters)
* Design your own node styles in order to adjust the Concept Maps. See other Vithanco applications for possibilities.
* Zoom in and out
and much more.

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