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Voice2Email - Free

퍼블리셔: Samuel Cremer
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Speak your Email instead of typing it!
Record and send your voice (as a small mp3 attachment).
Easier, faster and more personal - you'll love it.

This is not your regular speech-to-text app. Which doesn't understand what you are saying.

This is an incredible tool, that will save you countless hours of typing your email-replies.
It lives happily in your menubar.

- Just hit the record button,
- pause recording while thinking of the next thing to say,
- replay if you wish; before you send or
- just hit the share button.

Check out the screencast:

Your eMail-Software will open a new email with a regular mp3-file attached that everybody in the world is able to open and play. Most email-applications even allow to play the file inline the email itself. That is so cool! Your friends and colleagues will get to listen to your voice instead of reading long texts.

You might think that your attachment will get too big.
The good news is: The file-size and quality is completely adjustable in the settings. Let’s assume you talk 10 Minutes than the smallest file-size you get is 0,5 MB with maximum compression with fair quality.
If you wish, all recordings will be saved to a folder of your choice for archiving purposes.

Check out the new quicksend-feature. Preset up to 6 friend's email-adresses for frequent communication. To activate, hold down, the share-button for one second. You will get a new quicksend menu to choose your recipient.

**********************************************************************************Please note: The free version is limited to one minute recording time
Buy the Pro version and get unlimited recording time
More Pro version features are:
- customize default email-subject-text
- customize default email-body-text
- customize default email-signature-text
- preset up to 6 friends for your quicksend-menu

Please rate this app and spread the word.
This is my first app and I need some support from you in order
add functionalities to it, to make it even better.

Want more features?
Please send me your suggestions about more features to
I'd be happy to add them to the next version.

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