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LiveNow for Twitch

퍼블리셔: qin hu
가격: 2.99 USD

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앱 설명

LiveNow is a native client for Twitch on macOS.

***** WHAT USERS SAY *****
"I’m happy with this app. I’ll never miss my favorites!"
“Notifications work great, and HTML5 really helps keep energy usage low. ”
“I’ve wanted an app like this for a while! It has all the features I want from it.”

***** FEATURES *****
• Keep track of your favorite streams and get notified when they go online.
• Browse and search for games and streams.
• Watch and chat in frameless on-top Mini Players.
• AirPlay and VLC are supported in HLS format.
• Menu-bar app for quick access.

***** NOTE *****
LiveNow is a 3rd party application for Twitch and is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Twitch Interactive, Inc.

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