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앱 설명

Like to watermark a video with Images, Texts and TimeStamp?
With simple drag and drop precisely overlay them above your video and export!

Watch how to use video here : http://bit.ly/1aM1G9Z (or click Watermark Video Support)

● Just 3 steps. Import, Overlay & Export!
● Supports popular video containers such as .mp4, .mov, .m4v, .avi, etc.
● Application re-sizes to fit the video size for precise placement of watermarks.
● Ability to watermark with multiple styled texts, several images and a Timecode.
● Ability to change the font, its color, opacity and size just by clicking the watermark Text.
● Support for transparent .png and ability to scale images.
● Provision to scroll through various parts of video.
● Maintain high quality by exporting in .m4v or .mp4 formats.
● Ability to encode to different codec by changing the file extension.
● Watermarks stay for the whole length of the video.

Questions/Suggestions - Please use the contact form at www.nacentApps.com/contact.html.

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