WiFiman Desktop

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앱 설명

WiFiman is mobile and desktop app which can scan local network for active devices and configure them.

Comparing to WiFiman mobile app, this desktop version is on a start line. WiFiman mobile app is using more sophisticated discovery process and can display generic devices in your network. In desktop version, we're using (for now) only Ubiquiti discovery protocol. That's why mobile app will show you more devices than desktop version. Desktop version will show you only devices, which replied on discovery beacons. And this is configurable in each device, so even if in default config your device should respond, some devices can have the discovery service disabled and cannot be discovered. UniFi family is not yet supported too.

Please note, this app primary goal is to help you with configuring your local network (connecting new device, configure devices locally). For remote network management and monitoring there is other software from Ubiquiti.

- devices scan (except UniFi family)
- direct device configuration

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