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Wrіte Home - The Best Word Processor Alternative

퍼블리셔: Juicy Cocktail
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앱 설명

Write Home is a streamlined word processor. Unlike cluttered word processors you’re used to, Write Home focuses only on the necessary functions and leaves out 80% of the stuff you’ll never need. Create great looking documents like letters, resumes, invoices or outlined agendas in just a few minutes. Share them in the most common formats. With iCloud* built right in on OS X Mountain Lion, the documents you create are kept up to date across all your devices.

Streamlined word processor
• Start typing in seconds with a simple, very fast interface
• Change the alignment, font, size, color, character and line spacing and more
• Use the spell checker and proofreader to give your documents the last polish
• Word processing utilities including automatic page numbering
• Save your documents in iCloud*
• Auto-Save, Versions and Resume

Advanced writing tools
• Create smart headers & footers with your custom font, automatically generated page numbers, date & time or the document title
• Full-screen view
• Find and Replace

Compatibility and sharing
• Write Home uses the RTF standard instead of its own format, so that your documents always stay compatible with other word processors
• Import and export Microsoft Word documents**
• Export PDF files
• Import and export documents in a variety of formats: Rich Text Format (.rtfd), Web Page (.html), OpenDocument Text (.odt) and plain text (.txt)**
• Add images in the most common formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG and more)
• Looks great on the MacBook Pro with Retina Display

* iCloud requires OS X Mountain Lion 10.8

** Write Home uses Apple’s native conversion. Its limitations may apply.

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