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앱 설명

wStock is a professional Stock Analysis App for serious traders and investors, offering Charting and Technical functionality. It has an advanced indicator called 'Critical-Price' . This Indicator show you the easily way to see the stock is on bullish or on bearish. When the close-price above the 'Critical-Price' Line, it is on bullish. And this App also use the tree-structure to organize your list . In this way you can easily to trace your favorite stock.

1.Additional Technical Indicators:Moving Average, MACD, KD.

2.The Exchange Include:US,China,Hong Kong,UK,ETF,Canada,Australian,Deutschland,French,Singapore,India,New Zealand,Italy.

3.Use Critical-Price Line to show the stock direction, in bear or in bull . It is also show you what close price will change the trend.

4.Use Tree-Structure to manage your watch list.

wStock is free to provide delay stock data, but if you want to get the real-time stock quote, you have to subscription. Before you buy, suggest to check the exchange below. And you can transfer your subscription by your bought Account-ID.

Real-Time Excange or Country:
*New York Stock Exchange
*London Stock Exchange
*Taiwan Stock Exchange

Delay 20 minutes Excange or Country:
*Toronto Stock Exchange
*Hong Kong Stock Exchange
*Singapore Stock Exchange

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