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앱 설명

XView 3 is a effective and fast viewer. It can directly view images, play video & audio files and view archives. It also supports lossless compress photos, browse 3D model files, PDF and so on.

Key Features:
-- View images
- View thumbnails or single image.
- Zoom in, zoom out, zoom to Fit, actual size, rotate.
- Delete images.
- Slideshow.
- Share to Photos, Facebook, Twitter and so on.
- Plays animated gif files.
- Read Exif data.

-- View archives, support formats:
Over 20 different archive formats ranging from RAR, 7z,ISO, CAB, Zip, StuffIt, Lzma, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, PAX, MSI, Arj, Z and much more.

-- View 3D model files, support formats:

-- View files, including PDF, Doc, Rtf, Txt, Plist, Json and so on.
-- Support batch generating thumbnails.
-- Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping.
-- Copy&Paste classified files to Finder.

In app purchase:
-- View videos & audios files.
-- Photo Resizer & Squeezer.
-- Lossless Photo Squeezer.

Any suggestion will be appreciated, support email: ziprar_support@126.com

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