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Candy Cookie Carnival

퍼블리셔: Elet Bali
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Come and enjoy tasty cookie and sugar in Candy Cookie Carnival with BOLTGAMES!
Bring this No.1 Match 3 cookie games that's full of sugar smash and cookie fun to your phone now!
Do you want to be the king of the kingdom of delicious cookie,sweet candy and sugar?Make tons of cookie and sugar smash,play the classic cookie games!
Smash up the cookie and sugar, jam and blast will bring you joy and fun.Please come and join us quickly!

---------Candy Cookie Carnival FEATURES--------------
★ Fantastic cookie wonderland, 180+ well-designed free levels! And Candy Cookie Carnival will release sugar smash mode and make new sugar blast in your phone!
★ Unique and delicious cupcake set with cookie jam,and sugar in each levels brings you tons of sweet challenges.
★ It's easy to get millions of sugar bonus from daily events and wheel in Candy Cookie Carnival. Those are a great help in difficult levels!!Remember to sign in everyday to get them!
★ Watch out the cookie jam and sugar smash and how many moves you left,please do not hide your props and try them to help you get higher sore!Come on and play the best cookie and sugar game.
★ Classic cookie games you can make thousands of sugar and candy sweet smash here!
★ Find out the new pros,the book of life,to upgrade your power to beat the monster!And you will be the king of the place filled with sweet candy!
★ New mode cookie games hiding in the map and they are waiting for you!
★ Let us experience the fun of sweet cookie and sugar smash,whip your way to make tasty Candy Cookie Carnival!

---------HOW TO PLAY Candy Cookie Carnival--------------
★ Swap and match cookies or sugar in group of three, think twice before every move!
★ Smash up all the cookie and sugar, jam and dash will bring you lots of joy and fun.
★ Beat tough levels with the help of sugar boosters!
★ Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get. Try to score high and earn 3 stars on every level!
★ Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewarding challenge to master!

Welcome to the sweet wonderland full of cookies and sugar in Candy Cookie Carnival!

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