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Crash Rider - Moto GP Bike Race

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앱 설명

Crash Rider is a 3D moto bike racing game, where you ride your high speed nitro powered motorcycle at insane speed through ever changing traffic! You never dare drive so fast in the real world!!!

Experience fast paced motor cycle racing, where control a super bike in an endless journey on an express highway during traffic rush time! Ride your moto bike through busy roads and collect gold coins along the way to score more.

Crash Rider 3D has realistic motorbike physics and awesome animation effects that will leave you breathless with out of the world acrobatic fall when the bike crashes into other cars.

Your reflexes will mean the difference between driving or CRASHING in extreme collision.

Do you have what it takes to become a champion racer?

+ Awesome 3D graphics and animations
+ Simple controls - Just tilt to control bike.
+ Tap to get Nitrous (NOS) power boost for full throttle
+ Absolutely free game!!
We have improved Crash Rider 3D. Download NOW FREE!

1. Performance enhancements.
2. General bug fixes.

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