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Limo Simulator 2015

퍼블리셔: Uk Arts Games
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Do u want to drive limousine? If Yes.

Get into your luxurious limousine, drive to parties. This limo driving simulator will make you feel like real limo driver. Dodge lots of city traffic to reach parties in time. You can free roam around the city or town. Once you pick up city passengers, you will be shown destination, this limo simulation will make you feel like a real limousine driver.

Drive an enormous limo vehicle in crowded city. Drop off town passengers to parties, events - party Duty. Clock is ticking. You enjoy the ride while the passengers pay for your service. Earn money to unlock, buy even better limo cars, be the best limo driver around town. Move around the beautiful city full of parks. Be at their service on first call.

Earn rewards - you have limited time, rise in the leaderboards by earning the highest money, or avoiding collisions. Hurry up, city is full of traffic, choose a luxurious vehicle, passengers are waiting, this can be the best chance of driving, roaming, around the city in limo.

Game features - Limo Simulation 2015 Party Duty
- Best controls in driving simulation
- Beautiful city with gardens, parks, buildings
- Realistic graphics, immersive details
- Limited time to complete objectives
- Tens of exciting objectives to complete

Great! That's it. The Party is On. Enjoy the awesome drive simulation. Dont forget to rate our game!

Thank you.
** New Limo features
** New Maps
** New Tasks
** New Steering Controls
** Bugs Fixed
** Memory Optimization

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